Dedicated to all our beloved companions who have crossed the rainbow bridge

the Greyhound

"Martha was a retired Irish racing greyhound. 

She lived a life of luxury with us for 11 years seeing my son from 7 years to adulthood. 

Seeing her run in her prime was breath-taking: she floated above the ground it seemed. 

She's left a huge hole in all of our hearts, but that's the price of love."

the Pug

"Pippa our beloved Pug.

13 years of happy memories. You gave us love, affection and always made us laugh. 

Your little sassy walk, funny noises, head tilting, sitting on our feet and climbing in the cupboards... We miss it all.

The hole you have left in our family can never be filled, but the love you gave us is unforgettable."

Titch, the Shih Tzu

"My beautiful angel Titch, crossed over and is now out of pain and running free and wild like the cute wild puppy she used to be.... 

Full of beans and her quirkiness, we are going to miss her barking and greeting at the door, her cuddles and playtime with her Teddy especially at night when you're ready for bed but then she wants to play haha...

She was there for us through everything, knew when something was up with us and came over to give us cuddles...

 The house feels so empty without you my angel, but now you are pain free... 

We love you so much."

the Labradoodle

"Tess shared our lives for nearly 15 years. She was loyal, gentle, fun and loving. 

A companion to my blind mother in her youth and a playmate to our grandchildren in her old age. 

Everyone who met her loved her and she will be missed more than I can say."

Dog enjoying a calm rest inthe garden
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the Lab/Staffie cross

"Khaya was the sunshine in our lives for over 13 years. 

She was a very special and sensitive girl. 

A true friend gone, but her memories will live on.

Loves you my"

the Golden Retriever

"Ollie came to us as a rescue dog at the age of four. 

He was the kindest and most gentle soul who brought us an abundance of unconditional love and happiness in the nine years he was part of our family. 

We will miss him so much but will be forever thankful for him being a huge part of our lives"

the Ginger cat

"Donyo is so loved by family and friends he was friendly with everyone who visited, including dogs. 

There have been so many tears 😭 wishing him goodbye over Rainbow Bridge last Monday. 

We have beautiful memories of Donyo doing ‘star jumps’ at the top of stairs and falling asleep on the stair handrail with his legs dangling down. 

We are so lucky to have been gifted with this extraordinary loving cat who has left a warmth of pure love in our hearts"

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